Anxious Pooch? Discover the Best Products for Dog Anxiety in 2023

Best Products for Anxious Dogs

As a pet owner, seeing your furry friend in distress is challenging and often leads to feelings of helplessness. Just like humans, dogs too can experience anxiety and stress. The manifestations might be quite different from our own, but the suffering is all too real. In the preceding years, a dramatic rise in pet ownership, coupled with improved understanding and acknowledgement of canine mental health, have led to an increased demand for dog calming products. From organic pet foods to tranquilizing dog beds and CBD treats, there are a broad range of options available to help soothe an anxious pup. This article is intended as a comprehensive guide to unveil the best products for dog anxiety in 2023. It also offers a glimpse into the promising future of the pet calming products market. So, whether you're a new dog owner trying to navigate this puzzling issue or a veteran eager to optimize your fur baby's wellbeing, stick around and unearth some game-changing insights.

Dog Anxiety and Mental Health

The world of our furry friends involves more than chew toys and tail wags. It's an intersection of emotions, physical wellness, and yes, anxiety, much like the human world. Among the key concerns pet owners have, dog anxiety ranks high. As per recent studies, about 75% of US dog owners actively take measures to alleviate their dog's anxiety, proving just how widespread this issue is. However, as significant as it is to understand dog anxiety, it's equally crucial to explore how owning a pet, specifically a dog, tends to improve the mental health of the owner.

Mental Health Improvement in Pet Owners

Embracing a dog as a part of the family comes with a bundle of joys that sometimes remain unnoticed. Occasional wags welcoming you home, heartfelt gazes pleading for yet another treat, or the unconditional love in their eyes are just the tip of the iceberg.

An estimated 74% of pet owners believe their mental health improved after welcoming a pooch into their lives. Dogs have a magical way of melting stress away, one face-lick at a time. The daily walks, the caring, and the companionship dogs provide create a constructive routine, often leading to reduced feelings of loneliness, depression, or anxiety among owners.

Pet owners may find themselves more physically active, socially connected, and emotionally grounded, thanks to their four-legged companions. They enjoy a sense of responsibility and being needed, which can be incredibly invigorating and fulfilling.

Of course, like every coin, this too has another side. Anxiety is as palpable in dogs as it is in humans, and it's something that requires conscious intervention. Recognizing and addressing dog anxiety in its early stages is critical. If left unchecked, it can lead to behavioral changes and health compromises in the pet. So, burning questions may arise, how can pet owners alleviate their dogs' anxiety issues?

Well, there are surprisingly simple and effective solutions for dog anxiety that can remarkably enhance the quality of life for both the pet and its owner. These range from calming music and aromatherapy oils to dedicated doggy therapy sessions and prescribed medications.

Ultimately, owning a pet isn't just about companionship; it's about mutual respect, empathy, and care. By understanding and addressing issues like dog anxiety, we build healthier, happier relationships not only with our pets, but also with ourselves. Now that's a fetch everyone would want to play!

Financial Impact of Dog Anxiety on Dog Owners

Dog anxiety is not merely an emotional or mental issue for our furry friends. Beyond the patent toll it takes on their well-being, it also leaves a significant imprint on the dog owners' wallet - a fact that often surprises many. An astonishing report found that anxious dog owners spend an additional $400 a year, on average, assisting their four-legged pals. This cost accounts for the essentials like veterinary visits and anxiety medication. This topic requires a deeper dive which will underscore how dog anxiety affects not just our beloved pets but also our finances.

Firstly, regular veterinary visits are a given for any dog owner. However, if your dog is dealing with anxiety, the check-ups become more frequent. The symptoms of anxiety in dogs are often physical, such as excessive panting, shaking, or even self-harming behaviors, meaning more trips to the vet to ensure these symptoms aren't due to any other health issues. Every visit can set the dog owner back anywhere between $50 and $400, depending on the services required.

Then, there's the cost of anxiety medication. Whether your vet recommends prescription medication, natural remedies, or perhaps a mix of both, the expenses can soon rack up. Below is a brief overview of the estimated costs:

  • Prescription anxiety medication: $30 to $50 per month
  • Natural remedies (supplements, calming treats etc.): $20 - $40 per month
  • Calming toys and devices: $10 - $100

It's essential to remember that these are only average costs. Depending on the specifics of your dog's condition, the charges can fluctuate beyond these estimates.

Lastly, there might be secondary costs. For instance, depending on your dog's anxiety triggers, you might need to invest in additional training or behavior therapy, which can easily cost hundreds of dollars. Additionally, an anxious dog can often cause property damage, adding yet another financial burden.

As we can see, caring for an anxious dog can indeed become a significant financial undertaking. However, as dog owners and lovers, it's a small price to pay for the well-being and happiness of our cherished pets. Still, it's crucial that dog owners are aware of this potential financial impact, enabling them to approach such situations more organically and financially prepared.

Growth and Forecast of the Pet Calming Products Market

If you're an avid pet lover or an ardent animal rights enthusiast, you may have observed and admired the exponential growth of the pet care industry. Perhaps you've noticed the surge in numerous advertisements for pet calming products, promising to relieve your furry friends from the clutches of anxiety and restlessness. From classic chew toys to high-tech gadgets and CBD infused products, the pet calming products market has expanded drastically and shows no signs of slowing down.

Global Pet Calming Products Market Forecast

As pet parents worldwide continue to search for non-pharmaceutical ways to provide comfort to their companions, the global pet calming products market stands on the brink of a significant boom. From a previous valuation, it is projected to reach a staggering $20.6B by 2028. The market is set to grow at a steady pace, exhibiting a notable CAGR of 5.6% over this period. This leap emphasizes the increasing importance pet owners are placing on their pet's mental well-being as well as their physical health.

Dog Stress and Anxiety Product Market Snapshot

Zooming into a more specific area, the dog stress and anxiety product market shines brightly - projected to hit an unexpected growth peak in 2023. From chewable treats and plush toys to calming collars and diffusers, this market offers a plethora of products all designed to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. By 2030, it is estimated, that this sector alone could be worth multimillions of USD. Such a rapid surge in market value is an intriguing reflection of the evolving narrative on dog anxiety, with more pet owners seeking out these products to ensure their dogs live stress-free lives.

Surge in CBD Products Demand for Dog Anxiety

An incredible sub-niche within the pet calming products market is that of CBD (Cannabidiol) products. Pet parents are increasingly turning to these products to treat various conditions in their pets, including anxiety. Although these products may have initially faced resistance due to stigma and regulatory issues, the demand for CBD products for dogs has shown a significant increase, firmly placing CBD as a staple in the pet calming products industry. The potential health benefits of CBD, coupled with an expanded understanding and acceptance, make it a promising market to watch.

In summary, the pet calming products market is a vibrant and rapidly expanding world. The empathy we share with our pets and the increasing understanding of their emotional health fuels this industry's growth. Through offering a variety of solutions designed to enhance the quality of life for our beloved pets, the pet calming products market will undoubtedly extend its reach and breadth in the years to come.

Popular Products to Address Dog Anxiety

Dog anxiety is a common concern among pet owners. However, there are various ways to help your furry friend find their serenity. So, let's explore some innovative products in the market that aim to help our canines cope better with stress.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies, known for their calming effects, are beneficial for the relief of stress and anxiety in dogs. Products incorporating herbs like Valerian, Chamomile, or Passionflower can help dogs relax without sedating them. The effectiveness of the remedy depends on the dog's individual response to herbs.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are another popular option to address dog anxiety. Lavender, chamomile, and frankincense are all soothing scents that can help calm a nervous dog when diffused in small amounts. However, it's essential to use these oils responsibly because they are potent and can be harmful if not properly diluted.

Natural Pet Foods

Natural pet foods play a significant role in controlling dog anxiety. A balanced, nutrient-rich diet can help reduce anxiety levels in dogs by aiding the production of mood-regulating neurotransmitters like serotonin.


Probiotics, the "good" bacteria present in canine's gut, is another effective product for countering dog anxiety. By promoting better digestion and nutrient absorption, probiotics positively impact a dog's overall health, including reducing their stress levels.

Dog Anxiety Beds

Comfort and snugness can significantly help your dog relax. Anxiety beds, specially designed with raised edges and soft filling, can give your furry friend a calming cuddle, creating a protective environment for them.

CBD Treats for Dogs

CBD treats for dogs have been steadily gaining momentum in the pet care market. These products, derived from hemp, can induce a calming effect on dogs without any harsh side effects.

Calming Treats, Sprays, and Supplements for Dogs

Calming products designed specifically for dogs, like treats, sprays, and supplements, can effectively reduce dog anxiety. These easy-to-use products can help soothe your pet, especially in stress-inducing situations.

CBD Oil Drops and Tinctures for Dogs

Dog-friendly CBD oil drops and tinctures serve as an alternative to the CBD treats. These products can be easily administered and are absorbed quickly, offering a fast-acting solution to anxiety.

Our best friends deserve to be happy and anxiety-free. You can select any of these popular Products for Calming Your Furry Friend based on your pet's needs and preferences. Remember, improve your dog's life quality by addressing their anxiety effectively.

Trends and Growth Drivers in the Pet Industry

In recent years, the pet industry has seen a significant surge in terms of size and value. A host of factors have come together in perfect symphony leading to this promising growth. Let's delve deeper into some of the key trends and growth drivers that are shaping this boom in the pet industry.

Pet Humanization and Pet Population Expansion

The trend of pet humanization, where pet owners view and treat their pets as family members, rather than just animals, has truly taken a firm hold all across the globe. Pets are now given much more than just basic nutrition, they're accorded the same care and consideration in terms of health and wellness that human family members receive. Unsurprisingly, this has led to a parallel expansion in pet population. Driven by the love and attention our pets now receive, the pet dietary supplements industry is expected to witness significant growth and development.

Adoption Trend

In recent times, the adoption of pets, particularly dogs, has gathered remarkable momentum. He/she/they are choosing to rescue and adopt a dog rather than buying one, and this trend is fueling considerable growth in the rescue and adoption sectors of the pet industry.

Vet Telehealth and Doggy Daycare Services

Another intriguing trend is the rise in vet telehealth options. With digital technology making waves in all industries, the pet sector is no different. In a world where everything from shopping for groceries to consultations with doctors can be done online, why should our pets not benefit from this revolution? Hence, the new advent of virtual vet consultations, fueled by this digital wave, is a significant trend driving the growth of the pet industry.

Parallelly, the need for pet care services while their human friends are away at work has led to a surge in doggy daycare and upscale pet-sitting services. With pet parents becoming increasingly concerned about leaving their ‘fur babies’ home alone, these services have seen an upturn in demand, contributing to the industry's growth.

Upscale Pet-sitting Services

Speaking of services, the demand for upscale pet-sitting has risen. Gone are the days when a neighborhood kid was good enough to look after the pets. Today's pet parents want qualified, professional pet sitters who can ensure top-notch care for their furry friends. This demand for upscale pet-sitting services is adding significantly to the value of the pet industry.

Increase in Pet Ownership

Finally, driving all the above trends is a simple, undeniable fact: an increase in pet ownership per household. With more people welcoming dogs, cats, and various other pets into their homes, the pet industry has seen a corresponding boost. Undoubtedly, this increase in pet ownership is a key growth driver for the pet industry.

In essence, the pet industry today is being shaped and driven by a wave of trends that all point toward greater care, love, and respect for our furry friends. As these trends continue to evolve and grow, so too will the pet industry in response, highlighting its potential for growth and investment.


Managing dog anxiety can undoubtedly challenge pet owners. However, understanding the problem and equipping ourselves with the right solutions makes the journey manageable. From trusted peaceful dog beds to calming essential oils and the proven effective CBD products, it's impressive to see how the pet industry has expanded to provide assistance for anxious pets.

These products, coupled with expert advice, holistic care, and sincere dedication from owners, can help our furry companions lead worry-free lives.

At Empowered by Ashley, we're here as your trusted partner for pet well-being. Our mission is not just to provide products but to empower you with knowledge and support, all towards creating an environment where your pets can thrive. Let's enhance those cute wagging tails with happier, stress-free days. Dive deep into our range of pet-friendly offerings here and discover how we’re redefining pet care.

Remember, a calm and serene companion makes a happier you. With the right support, your beloved pets can overcome their anxiety and enjoy a more balanced, joyous life. Let's stand together for their well-being because your pets deserve to be as happy as they make us. Here's to a stress-free future for them and a peaceful mind for you, filled with unconditional love from our four-legged buddies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some common signs of dog anxiety?

    Common signs of dog anxiety include excessive barking, destructive behavior, restlessness, trembling or shaking, panting, pacing, loss of appetite, and excessive drooling.

  2. What are the best products for dog anxiety?

    The best products for dog anxiety in 2023 include calming supplements, anxiety wraps, interactive puzzle toys, pheromone diffusers, and CBD oil or treats specially formulated for dogs.

  3. Do anxiety wraps really work for dogs?

    Yes, anxiety wraps such as Thundershirts are designed to apply gentle, constant pressure to a dog's body, which can help reduce anxiety and provide a calming effect. However, effectiveness may vary depending on the individual dog.

  4. Are there any natural remedies for dog anxiety?

    Yes, there are several natural remedies for dog anxiety, including herbal supplements like chamomile or lavender, aromatherapy, essential oils (for external use only), and creating a calm environment with soothing music or white noise.

  5. Can CBD oil help with dog anxiety?

    Yes, CBD oil has been found to have a calming effect on dogs and can help reduce anxiety. It is important to choose a high-quality CBD oil specifically formulated for dogs and follow the recommended dosage.

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