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Why more women are using Personal Safety Alarms

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Most women know the feeling of being unsafe walking home at night, going out running, being on a dog walk and more. In 2021 we are surely more safe right? That's not the reality as we have seen in the UK with the tragic Sarah Everard  case, we need to still be alert and aware - and those in power need to help women feel, and actually be, safe in their communities.

In 2021 we saw the launch of the Night Charter from the Mayor of London to keep women safe at night - a positive step but we need more.

Most women are taught to never leave a drink unattended, take a well lit route home, call a friend in a taxi, let friends know where you are when travelling and to wear bright clothing at night. The problem with this is that it focuses on personal responsibility. However, there are people around to help but we would also urge the community to have responsibility over this.

We hear to often that it may only be one or two "bad apples" in the community but that effects the entirety of the female (and some male of course) population and their freedoms. It shouldn't be the case that each person is personally responsible for their own safety.

Women's Personal Safety Statistics

It is estimated that there were between 430,000 and 517,000 adult victims of sexual offences in the last year in England. The NHS reports 1 in 4 women have been sexually abused before the age of eighteen.

These are incredibly alarming and we need to look at how to stop this on a systematic level.

How Women are Staying Safe

As mentioned, women are taking extra precautions to stay safe while out and about - one of the most common questions we get is whether pepper spray is legal in the UK.

We made Ashley to keep women safe - it's as simple as that. In the few months since launch we have sold thousands, we were stunned by the demand and have sold out many times over. As a business that's great, but personally it does open up some serious questions on why so many people feel the need for a personal safety alarm. We need to do more, there's no question about that.

In short, we made the loudest and brightest alarm in the UK and our customers have been incredibly supportive in the mission we have. It's designed to attract attention from those near and disorientate the attacker.

How to use a personal security alarm

In the event that you have to use your personal safety alarm then here is our step by step guide:

  • As we mentioned, the alarm needs to be easily accessible and ready BEFORE you encounter danger - this means keeping it to hand or in an accessible place, not at the bottom of a bag
  • Attach it to you, via your bag or belt - this makes it hard for any potential attacker to take the whole device off you. It could also act as a visual deterrent 
  • If you feel in danger, pull the bottom part of the device away from the pin - this will set of the 130dB alarm and flashing light
  • Hold onto this part tightly
  • If you are no longer in danger, simply put the pin back into the top of the personal safety alarm

You can view our full guide here

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