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See how Ashley Em·​pow·​ers:

Meet Ashley: our personal safety alarm designed to deter an attacker and make any woman feel safe and secure. 

Lightweight with a soft-touch silicone coating, Ashley features a LOUD 130db siren and a 200-lumen strobing LED light. 

Every Ashley Alarm comes with a strong, solid silver keychain that allows you to easily attach Ashley to your person or belongings.

From your handbag, to your water bottle, to your keys, your belt and beyond – every Ashley Alarm is designed to be durable yet stylish. 

Carry Ashley across town, out running, walking the dog, around campus, out at night, home from the shops, and wherever else life takes you.

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  • Small (9cm x 2.6cm x 1.1cm)
  • Light-weight (40g)
  • 130db siren (as LOUD as a jet engine!)
  • Flashing 200-lumen strobe LED light to draw attention
  • Stylish & minimalist (pairs with any outfit)
  • Strong & solid silver keychain included
  • Activated with a well-intentioned pull of the pin 
  • No false triggering
  • Durable soft-touch silicone coating 
  • Long lasting 2-year standby battery
  • 60+ minutes of continuous alarm
  • Replaceable batteries
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"I ordered the 5-pack: one to clip to my hand bag, one for my running bottle, one for my sister that walks her dog late at night, another for my mum, and one for a dear friend.
Delighted to see these launch. The quality is great!"

– Lauren N

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Why Ashley's Alarm?

empowered by ashley loudest personal safety alarm
She speaks her mind.

Ashley isn't designed to sit quietly. One firm pull of the pin, and any threat will be struck by a 130db* alarm deterrent and a bright flashing LED strobe.

*130db is as loud as a jet engine.

We aren't messing around here.

rape alarm and personal safety alarm uk
Is strong-willed.

Every Ashley device is built and tested for reliability.

Our Personal Safety Alarm will run continuously for over an hour when activated and comes with a 2-year (replaceable) standby battery.

Clip an Ashley to every bag, coat, belt, key ring, bottle or take her running in hand. Every Ashley Alarm also comes with a strong, solid silver keychain as standard.

personal security alarm for women
And looks great doing it.

This isn't a safety alarm that'll end up at the bottom of a drawer never to see the light of day.

We designed Ashley to be lightweight and stylish.

With a soft-touch silicone coating, our Personal Safety Alarm was created to accompany you whatever the occasion.

How to use

(Although we hope you never have to)
Strong, Empowered & Fearless
These numbers must change.

1 in 5 women in the UK will suffer sexual assault in their lifetime. It's a horrendous statistic that we can't ignore any longer.

Our new Personal Safety Alarm is our first step into empowering modern women.

We exist to allow you to feel unstoppable in your daily life.

The time to act is now.

best personal safety alarm / rape alarm uk

Why now?

women personal safety statistics

It is estimated that there were between 430,000 and 517,000 adult victims of sexual offences in the last year [in England].

personal security alarm for women to stop attacks - rape alarm uk

20% of women and 4% of men have experienced some type of sexual assault.

personal security alarm for women to stop attacks

1 in 4 women have been sexually abused before the age of eighteen.

This is bigger than us
Supporting Women & Children

At Ashley, we donate 5% of net profits to Operation Underground Railroad and other charitable causes to accelerate the rate of change in the world.

Enough is enough.

Our Personal Safety Alarm is just the beginning – this is about empowering women to be true to their core.

Join us today.

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What's included in my order?

Every Ashley Alarm purchase includes:

• Ashley Alarm
• Strong, Solid, Silver Keychain
• Directions

How do I activate my Ashley Alarm?

• Give the pin on the top of the device a firm pull and face it toward your intended target.
• The Alarm will emit a piercing 130db siren and the LED light will flash.
• To stop the Alarm, replace the pin in the top of the device.

If you're testing your alarm, place a finger or thumb over the speaker on the back of the Alarm to save your ears.

How long will the alarm last?

Ashley will last for 2 years on standby. This is double the industry standard.

When activated the Alarm will emit both light and sound continuously for over an hour, reducing to just 108db after 1 hour.

How do I replace Ashley's batteries?

To replace Ashley's alarm is quick and painless:

• Twist the pin on the top of your alarm both ways to release the front and back
• Remove the two internal screws
• Replace the two CR2032 batteries
• Replace the two screws
• Snap the two sides of the alarm back together

Alternatively, post your alarm back to us and we'll replace your batteries for you.

How loud is 130 decibels?

Have you ever stood outside and felt the need to duck when a LOUD jet flew low overhead?

That was 130db.

How bright is 200-lumens?

More than bright enough to disorientate any potential threat and give you vital seconds to evade an attack.

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Em·​pow·​er: to make someone feel stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

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