Personal Safety Alarms

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Pet Safety Alarms

Pet Safety Alarms: The Role of Personal Security Devices in Protecting Furry Friends

Explore the benefits of pet safety alarms, how personal security devices can protect your furry friends, and top gadgets available in the market.

How to stop your dog from being stolen in the UK with better safety

7 Tips on How to Protect Your Dog from Theft

You probably know to keep your mobile phone or your wallet out of sight to reduce the risk of opportunistic thieves taking their chances. But, have you ever thought about protecting your dog from t...

dog thefts in the UK, how to stop your dog being stolen

How to Stop Your Dog Being Stolen

At this moment in time, if your dog is stolen it is treated the same as your phone being stolen - the criminal will barely get any repercussions if they are caught. This is because stealing a dog i...